The following words and phrases “Terms and Conditions”, shall have the meanings of any Purchase Order between Purchaser and Seller for the supply of Seller’s Goods or Services indicated below:

  • “Goods” means the products, equipment’s or other materials to be supplied by the seller as more described in the order; “Services” means the service to be performed by the seller as more described in the order.
  • LAW: The Orders or of any term of this agreement will be governed in accordance with the laws of Toronto, Canada.
  • CONFORMING TO THE LAW: Seller shall conform to federal, municipal, provincial, laws and regulations as well as labour standards and further freedoms and rights that correlate to Toronto, Canada
  • RELATIONSHIP: Seller acts solely as independent contractor in performing Services and providing Goods. Nothing herein shall create an agency, employment, joint-venture, or partnership relationship between Seller and Purchaser.
  • ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The entire Agreement (if any), the Order, and the Terms and Conditions between the parties, and there are no verbal, express, or implied promises, representations, agreements, or terms between Seller and Purchaser for the purchase of Seller’s Goods or Services, other than as set out therein. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, none of Seller’s terms and conditions shall apply and Purchaser’s acceptance of Seller’s Goods or Services shall not be deemed an acceptance of any of Seller’s terms. Amendments to the Order (and Agreement, if any) will be made in writing and by mutual agreement only, and must be signed by the parties or their authorized representatives.

  • CURRENCY: Unless stated or agreed upon, prices are in Canadian capital
  • TAXES: Purchaser must follow Goods and services Tax on purchase as required by the Excise Tax Act, Canada.
  • INVOICES: invoices made out to ONSET SOLUTIONS INC are to be paid immediately to ensure purchase.

  • BUYER’S AND SELLER’S PROPERTY: Property of buyers after services cannot then be used in performance of the services without prior written consent. Parties agree that all work product and property developed, created and generated by the seller shall be property of seller and owned by the seller.
  • DAMAGES AND CARE: In any event, the Seller is responsible for the care of materials, equipment and purchased goods by the purchaser, in the process of delivery and after delivery. Otherwise stated, the purchaser is completely responsible for caring for the goods after delivery and for the damages thereafter.

  • BILLS OF LOAD: Seller shall ensure signed bill describing goods or receipt to purchaser upon shipping, along with packing list, and additional information which represents the goods.

  • Will strictly cover defects only. Any damages outside of technicality will not be covered.

  • CONDITION: Failure by either party to exercise any right or remedy will not constitute a waiver and may bring termination.

  • ACCESS: During normal business hours and upon prior notice, the buyer and buyers representatives shall at all times have reasonable access. The buyer should have the right to inspect the goods and any time whether before, during or afterwards.

  • ONSET SOLUTIONS INC is not responsible for any damages or claims to be found with the product after it has been bought by a dealer and installed. All liability lies with the dealer who has installed the product. Therefore all Liability is waved under ONSET SOLUTIONS INC after installation of product from a dealer.

  • PRIVACY STATEMENT: seller agrees to keep in confidence all information including personal information, business title, and business contact information when collected of the purchaser disclosed for the purpose of business responsibilities and in accordance with the law. Any violation of such shall result to termination and legal action will be placed.

  • Goods furnished hereunder, shall be of confirmed material and seller’s latest and current model and seller warrants and free from defects in materials, design, and workmanship. No used or second hand material and equipment shall be furnished or incorporated into any goods unless specified by purchaser otherwise.

You can receive support by contacting the Company via email at info@onsetsolutions.ca.
*Be sure you have the order number and the product model number available before you call.